it’s a party in the U.S.A.

Tonite I took Claire to see Miley Cyrus at the Rose Garden.  It was a very brave move, I know!  We found parking not far from the garden on the street, so as to avoid the crazy crowds on the Max (and the fact that I forgot my tri-met pass at home and did not have any cash on me) and I also figured we’d avoid any sort of traffic jam mess that usually happens following an event there.  My ears are still buzzing, and Claire is now sleeping soundly probably also with a ringing in her ears (I should have made her wear ear plugs, I know, I’m horrible).

It was a great show, Miley Cyrus is quite the performer and her set and backup dancers were a joy to watch.  She had so many costume changes and all the outfits were really cool.  It made me want to come home and sew, and also do a million crunches (thank goodness my work is now offering fitness classes, particularly one titled “buns and abs” that I will be partaking in tomorrow!!).  I realize she is a teenager, and I am so not – but still, a girl always wants to look her best right?  Anyway, we were the first stop on her tour and it was great to see how much she puts into her concert.  I was starting to doubt the ticket price when the opening band, Metro Station, took to the stage.  Just because it’s her older brother’s band does not mean they should be anywhere near a stage.  It was awful, and that’s being nice.  Oh dear.  He really needs to take some pointers from his younger sister!

We had a great time and I got a few pictures, I didn’t take my new fancy camera because I wasn’t sure if they’d allow it in the door.  So I used my small one that doesn’t zoom in very close.  We had good seats, but not fantastic for getting close up shots.  This was not Claire’s first concert, I took her to see HelloGoodbye when she was 9 at the Crystal Ballroom.  But this was her first big show at the Rose Garden, and while we were standing in line for a t-shirt I realized it was mine as well.

I still remember my first concert, it was Tiffany and I was also in the 6th grade.  She had a cold, so she wasn’t singing her best and I remember being a little disappointed at that. What was your first concert?



2 thoughts on “it’s a party in the U.S.A.

  1. I’m so glad you girls had fun! My first concert was Herman’s Hermits when I was 14. My Mother took me and my sister (10 at the time). It was a lot of fun but I was annoyed at all the screaming (including my sister)…but it was the 60’s after all! I had a chance to go to Seattle to see the Beatles in 1966 with a group of girls from my high school but my parents wouldn’t let me go.

  2. I’m glad you had so much fun and survived the chaos!! I think my first concert was Randy Travis at the Pendleton Round Up and I was 17. LOL!! Or it was Damn Yankees/Bad Company here in Portland. I believe they were the same year so I don’t remember which was first. I remember when you went to Tiffany! You brought me back a keychain and I still have it even I never like Tiffany. I just thought it was really cool that you would even bring me back something at all!! I was big into Guns n Roses then. :o)

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