she’s a peach. my peach. i love her.

so the other evening Claire came flying through the kitchen and stopped to share a story with me, she was very animated while telling this story but all I could notice was the goofy outfit she was wearing.  I love her more every single day, even though I don’t think that’s possible sometimes.  She is starting middle school next week.  I wish her luck.  Did you have a good or bad middle school experience?  Feel free to share your story in the comments.  I didn’t have your typical middle school experience because I grew up with all the kids I went to school with.  So it wasn’t a huge transition, it was just another grade level.  I am hoping that Claire will thrive in this period of her life.  It’s not an easy one.


the only thing i had handy was my iPhone, sorry for the grainy picture!

  • Nancy Arnson says:

    Love your blog! I still have nightmares that I can’t remember where my locker is AND/OR I can’t remember my combination AND I am late for class. I wake up scared and out of breath! Truly traumatised for life! Have a good time, Claire!!! Hugs, Aunt Nancy

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