New art!

Yes!  I have changed our artwork above for the new month, and I was only 10 days LATE!  Yay me!  No seriously, my ultimate goal is to have my incredibly handsome and beautiful and amazing web designer (who doubles as my just as incredibly handsome and beautiful and amazing husband) upload a new cartoon of us on the 1st of every month, however that did not happen this time.  But here it is, and yes folks – that is a beard on Mark’s face (or the best that I could do to imply a beard) because he has officially declared it “beard weather”!  Did I mention how much I love this season?    Mmmm hmmm…

3 thoughts on “New art!

  1. oh my gosh, SO cute!! i love the new pic, and what a great idea to rotate it out! Then maybe at the end of the yea you can post them all together! 🙂 How fun!! Yes, it is octo-beard! haha i love this season too!

  2. he’ll HAVE to change it every month just to keep up with your ever-changing hair color! lol!! ;o)

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