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Every day Claire has a question of the day as part of her homework, where she has to write a paragraph answer.  Today’s question was “If you could suddenly give yourself a talent that you don’t presently have, what would it be?”  I read it over her shoulder and said “ooh, that’s a great question!  Do you know what my answer would be?”  Claire looked at me with a confused look on her face so I thought perhaps she needed a hint, so I said “You know, what’s something I love to do but I’m not very good at?” … and she looked up at me and said … “cook?”

No. That wasn’t it.  But thanks Claire for adding to my huge ego that I have about my talents in the kitchen.  🙂   (the answer was SING! for those of you who were wondering).

Oh kids, they say the darndest things…

Claire, 18 months old

Claire - 18 months old

  • Proud GrammaJamma says:

    I love this blog…you guys are so cool!

  • andi dandi says:

    lol!!! i knew the answer!!! and i don’t think your cooking is that bad! and that IS a very good question and i am going to have to think about my answer for a little while…
    p.s. LOVE that pic of young Claire bear! too cute for words! it’s always been a favorite of mine.

  • Sara says:

    You make awesome guacamole!

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