A week and a half ago we made the difficult decision to find a new home for Linus the beagle.  This was something we thought about over a few months, as he got older and bigger and was showing signs of needing more from us than we could give right now.  He loves to play, and run, and bark, and be a happy funny dog.  And our home and neighborhood and life schedule was just not working to his favor.  Linus is a great dog who has so much love for anyone who is nice to him.  We knew it wouldn’t be hard for him to adjust to a new family, but we were sad that we had let him down as owners.  I found a couple that I work with who were excited to bring him into their cat/dog/human family and so now Linus is thriving, on a farm, in Tillamook, near a creek, with many doggie friends including a Goldendoodle named Daisy Mae and a cat named Krusty.  He gets walks daily and plays for hours with his new mates.  And we can check in with him any time we want to.  It’s a good ending for his life with us and a promising beginning for his new life with a wonderful family.  Live long and prosper Linus!

But where does that leave us?  We were still determined to find a second dog, one that was smaller and needed less room to run and play.  One that could fit well with Charlie and the cats and wouldn’t outgrow the doggy door (Linus was getting close!).  A dog that would stay smaller than Charlie so he could still be the “top dog” of the house, because he is.  Claire and I had fallen in love with a little Yorkie dog that we pass by on Sandy, she sits in a window of a business and teases us almost everyday.  I started to search for a Yorkie mix, feeling like that would be the perfect dog to pair with Charlie, since he himself is a Terrier mix – they would have things in common!

And here, is what I found.  His name is Rudy Fernandez Ritchie, he is an 8 week old Chorkie (chihuahua mixed with a Yorkie), he probably won’t get any bigger than 7-8 pounds.  Welcome our new baby, isn’t he a doll!



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