A few things…

Just a few things I am loving right now, elsewhere on the internet…

1. I remember riding my sister’s bicycle when I was a kid, it was pink and white and had a banana seat. It also had sparkly streamers that hung off the handlebars (which, if you ask my sister, she will say that I ruined them/tore them off/ripped them apart, something to that affect). I am not a bicycle rider, per say, unless it is stationary, as in doesn’t move, as in located in my living room or a gym. I’m just not very good at balancing on two wheels (I am my mother’s daughter after all). BUT, if I did ride a bicycle then I would definitely have to have a stylish helmet (I mean, seriously), and this is where I would buy it from!


2. Every fall season I start daydreaming (and drooling, usually) about all the sweaters I would like to add to my wardrobe. This is one that I have definitely been drooling over, this was of course after I picked myself up off the floor after seeing the price tag! Hello cuteness!


3. If you are looking for something clever or quirky to get for a gift for like say, someone who has everything? Just head on over to the Curiosity Shoppe. They seriously have anything and everything you would want to bestow upon your besties, your Mom and even your dog! I am in love with the apple sweater! That’s right, it’s a sweater…for your apple. Brilliant.

apple jacket

4. Last, but certainly not least – GIVEAWAYS! Who doesn’t love something free?? I have recently learned of this site Give Away Today and now it’s on my daily check list to see what it is I can possibly win! Every day they give something away from another online site and you can post a comment as your way of entering the drawing. It’s so easy! Just go to the site every day, read the instructions and then enter! Just be sure to check back the following day to see if you’ve won because you only have 24 hours to contact them after they post your name as the winner. They don’t contact you, it’s up to you to pay attention. (I know I should be selfish and not share this, so my chances of winning are greater, but that’s just rude)…. so what are you waiting for – check it out!

I hope you are all having a great week!


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