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Our friends Hagen & Morgan had a baby girl! Welcome Matilda Grace, we can’t wait to meet you!

Matilda Grace

I worked a lot this weekend for our big meetings at work next week. I hope that I have done my part for my group and made it easier for them to share their vision with the execs. It was fun tapping into the ol’ graphic artist juices again, I haven’t done that since school really. It doesn’t come easy for me, but I enjoy it once I get a vibe going.

Rudy is doing figure 8’s in the living room as I write this… he gets that from his Yorkie side I think…

My best friend Brandee and her beautiful son Silas came to town on Friday and I got to spend the afternoon with them. We did a little shopping and Brandee got the call she’d been waiting for, offering a job that she was hoping for! It was an awesome day and it was s o much fun to see them!


It was also with Brandee and Silas that we visited Yo Cream for the first time. Several flavors of frozen yogurt, with the option of swirling them together, complete with a plethora of toppings equals greatness. If there is one near you, I highly recommend it!

I have officially taken over the workspace – we moved the computer desk into the play room/tv room/office. This means that I can spread my sewing stuff all over the room, which is kind of funny because that’s how it was even when the computer desk was in there. Just ask my husband (thanks for letting me have my craft explosions and invading your space more than once, luvs you!) … (Andi, stop making those gag noises, I can hear you from here!)…

I had a cup of coffee each morning this weekend. If you remember, I gave up caffeine a few weeks ago and I have been doing surprisingly well with it. I drink herbal tea at work and my headaches only lasted that first week. I feel like I am sleeping sounder, too. I am a dreamer, both awake and asleep but here I specifically mean while sleeping. And it doesn’t seem like I have been having as many dreams since I cut back on caffeine. But on the weekends it’s harder to resist it and this weekend, apparently, I was very weak.

Claire and I picked out new shower curtains last week, and we chose a plastic one with the world map on it for the inside curtain. I am learning lots of Geography. Mark is having a problem with staying in the shower too long because he gets too engrossed in the map.

Veda got her hair cut at her Mom’s this evening, it’s now an adorable bob! We are excited to see it!

My favorite things from the Grammy’s tonight: (I started watching an hour late because we always watch Extreme Home Makeover from 8-9pm)

• the Michael Jackson tribute song

• the dress Carrie Underwood was wearing during this tribute

• the little boy that was with Jay Z and Rhianna when they accepted an award..(update: he is the son of Beyonce’s sister Solange, his name is Julez and he’s 6)

could you just eat him up!?
could you just eat him up!?

• the Dave Matthew’s Band performance (with the exception of his weird bird-like dance moves in the middle of it)

• Jeff Bridges, that guy is the coolest.

• Eminem. The dude is super talented, despite his snarky persona. (and he is impossible to do Karaoke to, trust me – I tried…haha)

I believe the Grammy’s have bitten off more than their producers can chew because the last several years that I have caught them on TV, I am always amazed at how terrible the production is. There are awkward moments all over the place – microphones not working, spotlights on the wrong people, presenters missing their cue. It’s annoying, to say the least. I feel like they spend enough money on it that they should at least hire the most talented producers around, right?

I bought a large bag of candy hearts at Target on Friday and they are about almost gone. I do love me some candy. It’s not all me though, Mark is helping.

It’s late, I’m going to go to sleep now. Have a great week! See you back here very soon!


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  1. Thanks Vanessa! I try to update it at the start of every month geared around the holiday theme that is coming up, so look to February’s coming in the next day or so (it snuck up on me)!

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