Always check the ingredients first…

Saturday morning while I was putting on my makeup, I remembered a makeup tip that I had seen online from Rachael Ray.  She was having a makeup tip-off between two different “makeup experts”.  One tip was to use lip balm as a primer for your eye shadow so it would last all day long without creasing (like mine tends to do).  So I go in and dig out my lip balm from my purse, go in the bathroom and apply liberally to each eyelid.  I then spend the next five minutes trying to stop my eyes from stinging and watering.  Turns out, you should only try this with Chapstick brand lip balm.  Whatever you do, DO NOT USE BURT’S BEES.  Which happens to be my favorite kind of lip balm and the kind I used that day.  Lesson Learned.

Claire and I sold concessions at a 7th & 8th grade girls basketball game this evening to earn money for Outdoor School.  We did pretty good but I realized that my hopes that Claire would take an interest in basketball, flew right out the gym door.  Those girls are brutal! The would squish her like a bug.  There were girls falling, elbows flailing and knees bouncing off the floor every 30 seconds.  It was craziness!  Not to mention they were all twice the size of Claire.  I’m afraid she only appears big while standing next to her shrimpy mother.  Especially now that she is wearing the same size shoe as me and borrowing my hoodies.  In my eyes, she’s a big girl.  But next to those girls she is a wee one.  So thankfully, she has no desire to play the game of hoops beyond our back yard.  Phew!

Did I mention I discovered that it is possible to stay in your bubble in the Super Mario Bros game?   I found that out the other night, Mark battled the boomerang throwing dudes (i don’t know their names, did you think I actually would?) as I floated quietly along behind him.  It was nice 🙂

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed the new banner at the top?  Thanks to my handsome web designer (who is also my husband) for updating it this evening.  I’ve been excited about adding this to our site and I plan to still modify the cartoon in the middle every now and again, but probably won’t be happening once a month as before.  And the About Us on the righthand sidebar!  Yay, it’s becoming more and more like a real blog every day!

We are going to Seattle this weekend to visit our beautiful friend Annalisa.  We have not seen her since our wedding, nor have we ever made it up to see her in her current home city of Seattle.  We are so very excited!!  Don’t worry, I will definitely be taking lots of pictures and blog about it upon our return!

And so I will bid you good night, and leave you with this wonderful “food art” that Mark did with our leftover condiments from dinner.  Thanks to Claire for insisting on taking pictures of it before devouring his pickle nose.  Have a great Tuesday!

I think he looks like his name would be Borg...don't know why I feel that way...
I think he looks like his name would be Borg...don't know why I feel that way...


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  1. that is a really good question! the best part was when Mark was like “why did you put chapstick on your eyes???” … der. i need to order some primer. i looked at fred meyer, but apparently none of the regular store brands make any? why do i feel so in the dark?

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