Super Mario Bros…yo.

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Mark picked up the Super Mario Bros. game for Wii last night.

It was sort of like a journey back in time, reminding me that I was never very good at video games when I was younger. We didn’t have a Nintendo when I was a kid, so I would play it at my friend Tawna’s house, because she did (while simultaneously eating Doritos and chocolate chip cookie dough). And I spent the majority of the time watching her play because I had run out of lives while she was still going strong.  Hey, she owned it, so she had way more practice (that’s what I would tell myself to ease the pain).  It’s fun regardless, and last night all those great memories came flooding back.. especially as I sat watching Mark play because I had run out of lives and he was still going strong (my, how some things never change)… But! Nintendo has taken pity on those of us (me!) that cannot last as long as their friends, and you can do a “continuation” and start back into the game with renewed vigor! Thanks Nintendo, you’re the best!

Here’s a little bit of what you would have overheard from us while we were chucking fireballs and laughing until we cried (well, I think I did most the laughing… you would too if you watched me play)…

“Quit pushing me!”

“Why do I always have to be following right behind you?”… “Well, I am sort of.. the leader”

“Wait, you stand back”

“Can’t I just play the rest of the game inside my bubble?”

“Yeah, but that was then… this is now”


Happy Tuesday! Stay tuned for a post later this evening after we celebrate our sweet little 9 year old Veda on her special day!!


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