Has it really been a whole week?

Since my last confession?  Just kidding…. but seriously, I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a week.  Let’s just say that work has suddenly become a game of “go, go, go!” and I barely know if I’m coming or going these days.  Lesson learned, just when I was wishing I had a lot more work to do – I got exactly that.  And while I’m very happy to be busy again, because the alternative was dreadful – it’s a bit much!  I am currently taking a break from said work.  Just a quick one.  Just enough time to write a little note to our readers, so you didn’t think I had fallen in a hole in our backyard or something.  Oh!  Speaking of backyards, Mark and his totally amazing buddy Andrew are building the shed!  After it did not survive the windstorm last fall, it has been sitting in a pile, under a blue tarp just as a painful reminder to all the hard work my husband put into it, only to watch it give way one blustery night.  On the shed’s defense, even I was afraid of the wind that night it was so strong.  I literally thought trees were going to come down too, I didn’t sleep too well those couple nights.  Luckily, we haven’t seen wind like that since (knock on wood!).  And with this beautiful spring weather we’ve been blessed with lately, it inspired the boys to get out their hammers and skillsaws and do it up right!  Woop woop!  I got my workspace, now he gets his!  I will definitely be posting pictures of that project, don’t worry!

We had such a fun weekend with game night on Friday.  We have got the most fantastic friends and they are so good at making us laugh and just making our lives better!   I took a couple pictures and I will post those another day.  Thanks again to everyone who turned out!  And next time, it’s going to be a picnic at the park, with children and pets if you want, and a rousing game of kickball!  Who’s IN?!?  Watch for the evite, and if you have a preference of weekend, let me know!  I’m thinking sometime in late May.

Okay…break’s up, I have to get back to working (at least I’m at home so I can eat as many chocolate chip cookies as I need to, and nobody is the wiser).  I will leave you with a picture from Claire’s childhood…this one is for my amazing Grandma Brooks who turns 82 tomorrow.  I LOVE YOU GRANDMA! Thank you for making my middle school years memorable with hours of 4-H, where I honed my secretary skills and had lessons on how to show a rabbit.   And trying to inspire the green thumb in me with your wonderful and award-winning gardens.  I’m sorry that it skipped my generation.  I hope you have a fun birthday!

I think Claire is four in this picture, it's at the Gilliam County Rodeo in Condon, not far from my hometown of Arlington.

I think Claire is four in this picture, it's at the Gilliam County Rodeo in Condon, not far from my hometown of Arlington.


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