What I am is what I am…

So it has come to my attention as of late that people think I change my hair frequently.  Frequently meaning “every couple months”.

Probably because I do.

I have always liked messing with my hair, either by cutting it in short styles or changing up the color.  I go back and forth between bangs or no bangs (the eternal quest for satisfaction still goes unsatisfied).  When Mark and I met, I had really short hair with a patch bleached white in the back.  You know when you see those people who have a patch of hair in the back that doesn’t have any pigment?  Well, that’s who I was trying to copy.  I thought it was cool.

I have had all shades of brown, all shades of blonde, streaks of pink, gothed out black with red highlights, and most recently red with a splash of teal green on the side!

When someone is meeting me for the second time and they are trying to remember me from the first time we met, I sometimes have to say “Oh, I could have had different hair” because chances are pretty good that I did.  The security guy at work always says to me, “You changed your hair since the last time”, (meaning the last time I left my badge and he had to check me in at the front desk).  He thinks he remembers me, but then gives me that one-eyebrow-higher-than-the-other skeptical look and repeats that same statement. Every. Time.

Yesterday as I was backing up all my photos from the laptop onto my external hard drive, I was going through old pictures and saw that, as a matter of fact, I have had a lot of different hairstyles over the past 8 years (longer than that, but that’s all my picture history dates back to).  So I thought it would be fun to put together a collage to illustrate this.  It was fun, but mostly it just made me want to chop off my hair short again.  But no, I am not going to do that.  This is the longest my hair has been since I was a senior in high school and it’s taken me a lot of patience to get this far.  I am not giving up now.

These pictures go chronologically (pretty much) from left to right, and start in 2001 (those are my 24th birthday balloons I am holding in the first pic)…



Which hairstyle is your favorite?


  • Karen says:

    Sorry but I love the short and black! I also really like it long too and I LOVE the teal! Keep changing it up…I am living vicariously through you!

  • Leah says:

    Actually, my favorite is your current color and style!!! Love the collage. *And the photo taken at Henny Penny.* 😉

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