a new arrival!

Our beautiful friends Mickel and Sascha have every reason to be celebrating, as they gave birth to the sweetest little dark haired angel, well there’s no way I could do her justice, you’ll have to see for yourself!

Anika Hil
See what I mean!  I love her sweet scrunched up cheeks so much, I want to give them a million kisses!  I looked up the name Anika online and it literally means “sweet-faced”, how appropriate!!  We met Mike and Sascha through mutual friends and are excited to be a part of their lives!  Wonderful spirits, big hearts and so much grace.


I had to include this picture of the three of them, I seriously melted when I saw it!  There is so much LOVE and HAPPINESS exuding from this photo, and I believe it captures the beauty and honesty of their family perfectly.  Enjoy!


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