A weekend of projects!

Mark:  Babe, you make the best cut lines.

Be still my heart, such romantic words to be heard while rinsing off my paintbrush, as Mark diligently slices along the cut line that I drew for him with a blue colored pencil (why is it impossible to keep track of pens and pencils in this house? Does everyone have this problem, or is it just us?). 

We laid down laminate flooring in the laundry room on Saturday.  It turned out amazing! 

Mark:  You make cutting wood so easy!

Oh my gosh, now I’m blushing… *grins*

We make an impressive team, my husband and I.  In all ways that you would ask for in a marriage.  Another home improvement project tackled and successfully so!  Here are some pictures to prove it…

Floor was concrete so we laid down the same laminate flooring we put in the sewing room adjacent...

Floor was concrete so we laid down the same laminate flooring we put in the sewing room adjacent...

Major improvement!

Major improvement!

The girls and I met our friend Julie and her adorable boy Evan at Fred Meyer on Saturday morning for “Fuschia Saturday”.  Even though I am not a skilled gardener, I have the desire to learn and figure it out so that our yard can be full of beautiful colors and scents!  It was a very blustery morning, but fortunately the sun was only behind a thin layer of clouds and their was no precipitation in the air!  We waited in line for about an hour to have our plants potted for free, and the kids were being incredibly patient!  The free cookies, doughnuts and juice were a significant aid in that, I’m sure!

I love Evan's winky smile!

I love Evan's winky smile!

And of course, there are always way more pictures to share than i have words to describe them so I’ll leave with you some visual enjoyment.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Check back tomorrow for a new segment on our blog where I will be sharing a story written by Claire once a week!



  • Aunt Nancy says:

    Wow! Your blog is so entertaining, interesting AND informative!!! I visited the link for frogtape and it looks so amazing! I’ll have to try it as I am always so disappointed at how hard it is to paint and not have bleeding through the tape. Luv Ya! Keep it up! So happy that you and Mark found each other! 🙂

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