Clash of the Titans

On Friday night Mark and I went to see the Clash of the Titans movie in 3D.  It has been the year for 3D movies so far!  We’ve seen Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and now Clash, all in the new and improved 3D.  The glasses are much cooler, and the effect itself has just become so extraordinary!  There was a small line to get in because it was opening night, but we didn’t wait long before they opened the doors.  We got good seats, up high and towards the center.  When we went to see Avatar, there were so many people and we didn’t get there that early so we could only find seats on the floor section, off to the side.  My neck was a bit cramped after that one, but it was still amazing.

Neither of us had eaten dinner yet because I had driven Claire up the Gorge, so we bought a large popcorn, nachos and a gigantic soda.  Hey, it’s the  movies, for this I made a caffeine exception.  We finished off the nachos before the movie had started and also made quite a dent in our popcorn.  This young couple with three small boys sat next to us.  The parents sat in our row and the boys moved up in the row above, sitting directly behind their parents.  The boys ranged in age ffrom probably 9 to 5.  The mother looked back at them, as they were putting on their glasses and settling into their seats, and said, “Are you boys going to be good and act your age?”  To which the older boy responded, “yes”.  I noticed that they didn’t have any popcorn and since I had chosen the large size for us, it came with a free refill.  Mark and I were done eating ours, even though there was still a bunch left so I leaned over to the young parents and asked them if they wanted to take our bucket, dump it out and then go get the free refill for their boys.  They seemed a little skeptical at first, but after a second of consideration, they thanked us and sent the oldest boy to the concession stand to get it filled up with yummy fresh and FREE popcorn.  That’s the best kind!  The boys very politely said thank you when he returned and they all stuck a hand in.  I was quite impressed and excited for this new generation of kids to see the movie that I loved watching when I was their age.  The Clash of the Titans, packed full of action and mechanical monsters, creepy Harry Hamlin, the Kraken who I thought looked a lot like King Kong with additional arms, and the beautiful Andromeda.  There are huge differences between that one and the new version, but it did not disappoint.  The story was changed a bit and a few new characters added, including Io, the new beautiful leading woman:

Io (pronounced Eye-oh), Clash of the Titans 2010
Io (pronounced Eye-oh), Clash of the Titans 2010

And let me tell you, her costumes were super fantastic and made me want to go home and start sewing!  (Which I did, by the way, but I will share that with you tomorrow, or maybe later depending if I have time).  She reminded me of my beautiful friend Kristi, who I miss dearly and have not seen since the wedding.  Kristi is 10 times more beautiful, but they both have such a quiet elegance that it takes your breath away.

And did I mention Io was a fighter?  Oh yeah, she held her own in the fight scenes, no worries there.   Pegasus is in it, but he is a black stallion instead of white.  And there wasn’t the robotic owl in the new one, which was kind of sad because I remember liking that character.  And the stygian witches were super creepy, not just blind but they also had twentyheads instead of foreheads.  Gigantic.  I will say that the one part that I was a little disappointed with, just a little and certainly not enough to not give the movie 5 stars (you know, if I were a critic or something), was Medusa.  I know, right!  She’s like the main obstacle and incredibly scary that she can turn you to stone just by looking into your eyes.  I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to fight something without being able to look it in the eyes!  I won’t tell you why I was disappointed though, because I don’t want to spoil anything.  But I’ll be interested to hear what you thought about her if you go see it, so leave us a comment!

Oh, and I suppose I should mention that Sam Worthington (of Avatar fame) who plays Perseus, did a fine job indeed.  He was very Russell Crowe in Gladiator, but that’s not hard since they both have the same accent.

Go see this movie in 3D, if you liked the original then you’ll like this one!  And if you don’t… well, how come?


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  1. I love hearing that the boys were polite! It seems as though so many children these days aren’t. Glad you had such a great time!

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