How many things wrong…

… can you find in this picture?



I came across this picture on a blog that I read every now and again, and it cracked me up so much I wanted to share it.  It reminds me of my hometown a little bit with it’s back country feel, spirited camo clothing and dead things.  I kind of feel sorry for the kid actually, I mean, at least take out his pacifier before you take the picture of his “first kill”.  What kind of parents are you Ricky and Mindy?  And I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure he’s younger than 4, I think I still see diaper pooch in his pants.  And a pacifier, really?  I’m really glad they didn’t give him any bigger gun than a .410.  Seriously, you have to at least wait until he starts to read before you throw bigger arsenal at him!   And I guess hunting with a pacifier in your mouth is kind of like walking and chewing gum.  He’s learning to multi-task.

What kinds of things do you feel are wrong about it?


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