Do you remember when you were a kid and you and your girlfriends (or boy friends) would play the game M.A.S.H.?  It was the game where you would write those letters which stood for Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House.  And then you would choose 3 each of the following:  Husband, Kids, Profession, Where you lived.  I believe it was that simple, those four things were all you needed to come up with.  Well, as with everything else, the game has changed over the years.  I drove Claire to Hood River to meet up with her Dad for the weekend, something we do every other week, and traffic was AWFUL!  We ended up in a parking lot on the freeway just past Multnomah Falls.  The drive usually takes us 50 minutes from our front door, if the weather is great and all lanes are open.  However, they are doing construction on the freeway just before Cascade Locks and the last couple drives up the Gorge have resulted in traffic jams.  This afternoon it was stop and go, it took us 25 minutes to drive 5 miles.  So to entertain ourselves, Claire found a piece of paper and a pencil and we played the game M.A.S.H.  In the 2010 Parkrose Middle School version of this game, you choose 3 each of the following:  Husband, Age, Name, # of Kids, What your house is made of (I’m serious), Car, Color of Car, Pet, How much money you have, and Profession.  After you make your decisions (and it’s definitely more fun if all your choices aren’t exactly what you’d prefer to get) then the other person draws a swirl and you say when to stop.  They then count the number of rings that were created by the swirl, for example 5.  They then proceed to count down, crossing off every fifth thing until there is only one choice for each category.  And that… is your future.  Pretty awesome as a kid, because you will sit and wonder if it’s really true and perhaps you will end up owning an ice cream store, with 12 kids and living in an apartment.   And it’s pretty awesome as an adult because you no longer believe in the superstition and are thankful for that.  Full of thanks.

Here were Claire’s results:

Her name is Railyn

She is 20 years old

She’s married to Justin Bieber

She has 80 kids

She lives in a glass shack (which Claire declared “is probably like having a swarm of bees if we have 80 kids in a glass shack”)

She has a billion dollars (now why did I only choose as big as a million?)

She has a dog.

She is a janitor (a very overpaid one)

And she drives a neon green F150.

And here are my results:

My name is Gertrude (this was actually one I liked)

I am 40 years old

I am married to Robert Pattinson (don’t hate, Karen)

I have 5 children

I live in a wood shack (every shack should be built of wood, I think)

I have a hamster (hamsters are cute…and well contained)

I have $40,000 (I should have put a billion as one of my options!!)

I drive a white VW bus

And I am a weather lady (I said weather girl but Claire wrote lady instead, that hurts a little)

It was pretty fun and it made the traffic jam seem so much less annoying.  I really enjoy this time with Claire, it always inspires me to talk to her about stuff going on with her, see if she has any interest in boys yet, or has any questions about, ya know, girl stuff.  It’s really the best time to do this because when your driving 70 mph down the freeway, she has no where else she can go!  Captive audience, if you will.  She is good at just disappearing into the playroom or up to her bedroom if I start to ask personal questions like that.  She’s never been one for confrontation.  She didn’t get that from me though, because I am definitely one to confront.  Or I think I am (I’m sure my mother and sister could answer that question).  It’s one of the many qualities I admire in her.  She might have a fiery temper but she knows that there is a time and a place.  She’s a smart cookie.  So smart in fact, that she made the Honor Roll at school for the second trimester in a row!  She is 2 for 2 this year!  And I am so darn proud!  We celebrated at Yo Cream the other evening, her new favorite place, and she deserved every yummy spoonful!


Mark and I went to see Clash of the Titans in 3D this evening, it was reeeeally good.  Check back tomorrow and I’ll tell you more!


3 thoughts on “M.A.S.H.

  1. All of Clair’s choices were hilarious! I’m glad she doesn’t seem to take it too seriously. Do they still call it M.A.S.H. even though there are so many other categories now? I used to always pick Jonathan Taylor Thomas as one of my 5 husband options. I was always disappointed when I ended up with a boy from my class instead.

  2. haha, Kira that’s hilarious! I’m pretty sure I always put Corey Haim or Kirk Cameron as my choices when I was a kid. And this time it was pretty sweet because I got to put my REAL LIFE husband as a choice! But then, sadly, he was eliminated.

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