“Stories in the margins”, an Introduction

Last weekend I told you that I had hired Claire to be a guest post-er. She has always had such a beautiful writing voice and I wanted to share it with all of you. So I asked her to write an introduction for the segment, and a title. Enjoy!

Stories in the margins – Intro

You are all familiar with the usual blogger, Melissa, or as I call her, Mom. She has asked me to write a story every week to be posted here on Meet The Ritchies. It can be about anything I want, and I don’t have any troubles because I LOVE CREATIVE WRITING!

This is the prologue to my weekly posts. This is also a non-fiction story about me and how I love to write. I am Claire, I am eleven, and as far back as I can remember, creative writing has been my favorite school subject. Why do I adore something so ordinarily used and seen? Because it is a way to express your feelings. Just one sharpie, and the back of a receipt, and you can create a masterpiece of words. Poems, songs, biographies, stories, anything of that sort is awesome. Not only is it super cool to write it, but to have the chance to listen to it or read it, is even more meaningful.

Throughout the next several weeks, or months, years maybe even decades (but mostly likely not, because in a decade I will be getting my bachelors degree in Literature!) I will be posting about me, my life, my personality, the shows I watch, my family, the food I eat, my pets, everything that is ANYTHING!

I would love to hear from all of you! Please leave comments anytime you want to! Hope you visit the blog next week for another post!

Love, your new guest blogger,

Claire! xoxo

** Please enjoy a random, pre-written story **

6th Grade State tests

Right now I am sitting at a computer and Haley said “pooey”. We are testing but I finished yesterday…So I don’t have to test. Mr. Doster is walking around and told Miguel to not talk. Peter is typing loudly and Shelby is lost in book-land reading New Moon. She just coughed. Mr. Doster’s chair squeaked and my hand is cramping. I will take a break………..shook my hand. Now I’m back to writing. Rebecca needed a ruler. Marques needed a protractor and a, wait! Rebecca needed a protractor and calculator. Marques needed the ruler. My chair is old and wobbly, when I lean back it starts to fold up, making a Claire sandwich. Mr. Doster just sat down and Rebecca returned the protractor and calculator. Calculator, calculator, calculator, calculator…funny word…resting my hand again……… Peter is still jabbing at the keyboard. Typing uselessly in the “username” slot.


Mr. Doster’s computer has a picture of flying toasters and toast in space!!! SO TOTALLY COOLIO! I like toast with Nutella. Sam, he likes me, is asking questions. The row I was sitting in, before Mr. Doster made me move for no reason, went like this… Eddie, Ramon, Haley, Me, Nobody, Jordan B., Jordan M., nobody. My new row goes like this…Althea, Rebecca, Shelby, nobody, Me, nobody, nobody, Peter.

Now Peter is rotating madly back and forth between the M and > keys for no apparent reason… He just hit the table and made the computer right next to me light up because he moved the mouse. Someone blew their nose, a chair got pushed and squeaked, Mr. Doster shooshed us and my hand is almost dead so…. yeah… hope you liked reading about my class….Ow! Bye Bye!

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