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The first Day in the Dunes

As I sat there, silently, motionless, the three blonde heads of my cousins disappeared over the dirt smothered hill.  The wind turbine blades spiraled slowly, powered only by a breeze just cold enough to make little bumps rise up on your arms.  Dirt blew through the air being swept off the ground by tennis shoes beating rapidly against the warm, dry land.

Austin, Justin and Cameron peeked over the hill, where they had earlier scampered down, and hollered at me.

“Come on Claire!” Austin yelled the loudest.

“What?  Oh, coming.” I said, snapping out of my daydream.

Once again their heads disappeared quickly.  I was really in no rush to catch up to them, but too long without supervision leads to them getting in big trouble, so I quickened my pace.  My feet lost traction slipping over the edge of the hill.  Surprisingly, I managed to follow a trail made from other kids sliding down.  With a muffled thud I landed on an oversized tumbleweed, (which in fact, I left there figuring it would create some padding for next time).

When I rose to my feet I was struck by something in the middle of my back.  I turned around and began to ask what it was, but did not get to finish my sentence before Justin butted in and explained that the stick he threw at me was my sword.  (He also added the fact that when someone throws you something you’re supposed to catch it, like I didn’t already know that.)

As my eyes wandered elsewhere I found myself standing in what seemed to be a big dip in the side of the hill.  This was definitely not a typical big dip.  It was the kind of dip where if you looked at it from a side view, it would look as if a giant spoon scooped a huge chunk of land right out of the hill!

“What is this place?”  I thought out loud.

“These are the sand dunes,” Cameron said casually, almost like he’d seen them before.

“Our sand dunes!”  continued Justin with a hint of mischief in his eyes.  As I stepped back and stared bewildered, I was thinking of all the fun we could have here.  I pictured us playing spies, hide and seek, tag and we could dig like archaeologists.  So many future ideas and activities were already being planned in all of our heads!

That was the day that lead to so many of my favorite memories!

by Claire S.  /  2009

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