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Hello every one!! It is me Claire posting on my own for the first time in the history of this blog!!! I am super happy to share with you two poems I have written for school. The first one is called “CLAIRE“, i got an A+ on it and my teacher commented “WOW!!“. On the one called “I AM” I got another A+ and, because I drew pictures to go with each verse, a comment of “CUTE! VERY WELL DONE!” Please enjoy them and please comment!

“CLAIRE” by Claire S.


It means energetic, good sibling, and funny.

It is the number twelve.

It is like rolling hills and frogs.

It is when i made my first spike over the net.

It is the memory of my mom Melissa

who taught me that you have to try to keep an

even temper about things if you

want to make it through life happily.

My name is Claire.

It means spending time with my family,

especially my baby brother Ryder!


Hope you liked poem number one! Here is number two…


“I AM” by Claire S.

i am a sister and creative.

i wonder what my life will turn out to be like.

i hear my brother’s laughter.

i see my friends and family chatting around me.

i want to be a photographer.

i am a sister and creative.

i pretend that i can save the world.

i feel like the world is my canvas where i can express myself.

i worry that my brother doesn’t understand why i leave.

i cry for help, and cry for those who can’t find help.

i am a sister and creative.

i know what it’s like to have 2 families.

i say everyone should help save their planet.

i dream that one day my dreams will come true.

i try to be the best big sister.

i hope that some day no one will starve.

i am a sister and creative.

Thank you for reading and hopefully now i will be more consistent at my posting and i will post every Sunday. (And yes i know I’m posting on Monday now, but it will be on Sunday.) as the dog, (Rudy), bathes himself and the other dog, (Charlie), naps on the chair, i sign off!! talk to you all again in 6 days. WAIT!!! hold that thought… i will be in the previously posted about small town of Arlington visiting my dad and brother until Monday! so happy that i get a 3 day weekend. so i will post on Monday and then on Sunday, and again on Sunday, and on Sunday again… goodbye to all!



4 thoughts on “stories in the margins…

  1. You are so talented! Your poem “I Am” put tears in my eyes. I’m so proud of you!

  2. thanks! i’m glad you liked them… i will try to find one to post tomorrow… unless i’m [acking for outdoor school!! we leave on thursday.


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