An actual Astronaut!

The girls spent the day with Grandpa Bill today, since they are now officially out of school for the summer.  Grandma Betty works at Hudson’s Bay High School in Vancouver, and they had one of their teachers accepted into the space program several years ago.  She has since gone to space!  She made a special visit today to the school to talk about her adventure and the girls accompanied Grandpa to see it.  Since Grandma knows the Astronaut (is it capitalized? I don’t know but since the woman has gone to the final frontier, I think she deserves it), the girls got to have their picture taken with her.  Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger was a science teacher at the high school in 2004 when she was selected as an Educator Mission Specialist and moved to Houston.   You can read more about her here.

The girls had a great time and enjoyed the slide show that Dottie presented, with pictures from her time in space.  Should space be capitalized?  Space.  I think so.  Claire sent me a text message afterward that said “we got our picture taken with an actual astronaut”.  I don’t know what she expected, a fake one?

Thanks Grandpa for hanging out with the girls today, I asked if they took good care of you and they said yes.  I hope they were telling the truth, you know Claire is going through the moody tween-age thing right now.  Or maybe she just saves all that attitude for Mark and I.

Claire, Veda, Dottie the Astronaut & Grandma Betty
Claire, Veda, Dottie the Astronaut & Grandma Betty

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  1. Grandpa Bill asked the girls if they wanted to paint his finger and toenails, but I think they thought he was just being silly. Silly is as Silly does. GB

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