Speaking of sixth graders…

I just overheard a co-worker talking about a you tube video of a 6th grade boy performing a Lady Gaga song.  He was saying how amazing it was, and being the geek that I am when it comes to kids singing at talent shows, I googled it.  Amazing, doesn’t even come close to describing the talent that this young man has.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before.  Greyson Chance.  Remember that name, because he will be famous.  Check out the video here.

We attended the talent show at Claire’s school the other evening.  I couldn’t stay for very long because I wanted to go to Yoga, but my Mom stayed with Claire so she could see her friends perform.  It was apparently a really great show!  Claire took some video on her cell phone, I’ll have to see if I can download them for you on here.

Also, I’d love to share my experience with Yoga with you, as I have been attending now for a week and a half and I LOVE IT!!  I will post about it soon.


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