11 weeks, 2 days and all is well!

You may have noticed that our banner artwork above has changed to portray our growing family!  Oh, and my new haircut!  I will post pictures of that soon, I just don’t have any right now.  I also don’t have any pictures of my rapidly expanding waistline yet, at least none besides the ones taken with my Iphone standing in front of a mirror (all of which have my head cut off).

We had our first ultrasound last Thursday, at 11 weeks along.  It was pretty awesome to see the little jumping bean, and it was definitely jumping.  Although I was wishing with all my might that we would have twins, I am perfectly okay with there just being one very healthy and active baby in there.

as Mark affectionately says, here is "junior"...

as Mark affectionately says, here is "junior"...

They say that you show sooner with your second baby, and apparently even if 12 years have gone by since you were last pregnant, that rule still applies.  Because I am HUGE for still being in the first trimester.

I have no complaints with pregnancy so far… Well, that’s not true.  I do have one complaint.  Breakouts.  Holy cow, I feel like I am going through puberty again with the havoc that has been wreaked upon my face so far.  But it is clearing up and I hear from a good friend that after the first trimester, you take on that “glow” that everyone talks about and you have the best skin of your life!  I am very excited (and ready) for this!  I don’t remember this detail the first time around, but I was young so I was probably used to having pimples still!

I had some queasy stomach feelings during the first 3 weeks we knew, but it never led to anything more than that.  And now the queasiness is gone, so I feel fantastic.  I am eating everything in sight.  It’s pretty crazy when I am going back for seconds and thirds, eating more than my husband.  I am trying to be good about what food I am pigging out on, since clearly I am pigging out.  I gained a ridiculous amount of weight when I was pregnant with Claire and it was from eating tons of junk.  So this time around, I am trying to be smarter.  I just make sure I have fruit and nuts and 100 calorie snack items nearby.  At all times.  Because I am always hungry.  Always.

We are super excited for our future family member!  I will update with pictures and more information as we go!


P.S.  look for a post coming soon about our newly refinished hardwood floors!  They look AMAZING!

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