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I had to post these pictures, because they are my most favorite from the trip.  And I will tell you why.  When we got on the ferry with our parents on Sunday afternoon, at the start of our vacation, we had planned to share the good news with them.  We were going to have them pose with the girls for a picture at the house, and say “okay, smile and say Melissa’s pregnant!”  This way I could capture their faces the very moment they found out!  But I couldn’t wait that long.  It was hard enough having to wait those couple weeks that we had already known.  So as soon as the moment was right, we gathered everyone outside on the back deck of the ferry and seized the opportunity.  After I said the exciting words, they all smiled for the camera as they repeated after me… and then Claire was like “um, hello! did you hear what she said?”  And then it was squeals and tears of joy!  A woman happened to be standing there when this all happened, and she took a picture of all of this. So here they are!  I love you Mom!!!  I’m so happy you are happy for us!  And Bill & Betty, I am so very excited and happy to be giving you another beautiful grandbaby to spoil!  Love you!

Claire:  "um, hello...!" +  Parents:  "Seriously?!?   = Priceless
Claire: "um, hello...!" + Parents: "Seriously?!? = Priceless

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