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This is only a coincidence that this will be my second post in a row having to do with weddings, really.  I came across a “same-day edit” video that I just had to share with you.  For those of you that may not be up on videography lingo – same day edit means they shot the video all day during the pre-wedding festivities, during the ceremony, and then quickly threw it together to show at the reception party.  This takes not only an amazing knowledge of getting all the right shots, but also the talent of putting it all together in not very much time at all.

Now, if you are like me and a total sappy sap (even worse now that I am pregnant), then you may want to have a kleenex handy.  It is just too beautiful!  A friend that I used to work with, has a videography company that she and her husband run called Ambient Sky Productions (check them out on Facebook!).  This is an example of their work.  I really wish that we had had it in our budget to have a video done of our special day.   Not to take away any of the specialness from it, because the entire purpose was to marry the man I want to spend my life with and I did that (oh yes, I did!).  But if I can share any advice with brides-to-be, it would be to hire someone to take a video of your wedding day!  And if you are in the Portland area, hire Ambient Sky!!  Capture every moment.  Pictures are wonderful yes, but being able to see special moments with your parents, your friends, and most importantly your handsome groom – is priceless.   The Bride is usually in her room, getting ready and does not get to see the excitement building with everyone else as she touches up her makeup and adjusts her headpiece (by the way, the Bride in this video has the perfect accessories, she really thought of every touch!).  Okay, enough advice giving… check out this video of a wedding they did at a wine orchard in Dayton a couple weeks ago, and ladies – trust me – get some tissue!

Ben & Jenn – same day edit (scroll down a bit to see their August 13th post for the video).

Great job Amanda!!!


  • Karen says:

    I was determined NOT to cry but alas…the moment where they saw each other got me! Thanks for sharing! Almost made me want a wedding…almost.

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