Back to school!

Our girls started school this week, and both are very excited about the coming year!

Veda is a fourth grader, and wasn’t  exactly thrilled about her teacher assignment when she found out.  But she is a very optimistic young lady and has completely gotten over any misgivings.  She is taking Choir at school with other fourth and fifth graders and she can’t wait to do Christmas caroling downtown this December!  She is also taking Ballet again and will be taking an extended course schedule this year so she will be learning so much more!  She’s such a talented little thing!

Veda, mis-matched socks are totally hot right now (they even sell them mis-matched ON PURPOSE at stores in the mall - I firmly believe this is just to drive us Mom's who do all the laundry, completely NUTS!)

Claire is a seventh grader (still shaking my head in disbelief) and is really excited about playing volleyball this year!  She has tryouts tomorrow and Monday and I will let you know how she does.  I am feeling very confident that she will make the team because she attended several camps this summer and has really improved since playing CYO last year.  But I am bias, because I am her mother, and I think she is awesome.   She also informed me this afternoon (while she was talking non-stop about her day) that she is filling out an application to run for student council.  I couldn’t be more proud!

Claire = Awesome

Claire: "Wait, now take a picture of my better side!" what a awesome nerd, hey, it's possible.

And our baby in my belly is now 17 weeks and growing… and so am I.  I have some pictures from my birthday that was a couple weeks ago and I do not want to put them on the blog, because I’m vain and I look like a fatty in them.  Probably not, but I don’t like them, and since I post on this blog, well then they will not be seen on here!  But here is a picture from this morning…  I can’t believe how big my first baby has gotten, *sniff sniff*…



  • Kira says:

    The mismatched sock thing is so cute! I had no idea that was popular. Veda’s shoes are pretty sweet, too. Tell Claire good luck in volleyball and student council for me. I’m sure she will do great!

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