Baby Update: 21 weeks

photo by Elena

21 weeks and counting…

When we found out it was a boy, we weren’t really that surprised.   All of us had already had a feeling that it was going to be a boy.  But we are very excited to meet him.  He is an active little guy, constantly moving and kicking.  He woke up pretty early this weekend, at 7am to be exact.  Mark said it was because he knew football was going to be on and he was excited.  Maybe.  I notice a lot of movement right after I eat, and especially if what I just ate has a high sugar content.  But of course, that makes sense.

We haven’t started on the nursery yet, but we are slowly collecting items.  We have a crib (thanks to my cousin Chet and his wife Natalie!), a changing table (thanks to my in-laws!), and 2 big boxes of little boy clothes graciously given to us by a friend of my sister-in-law’s (Thanks Dawn and baby Noah!).

I’m so happy it’s fall, I love this season and watching the colors change as I drive to work each morning.  I am also looking forward to having the ‘built-in” heater that everyone tells me happens when you are in your third trimester.  It was almost summer when I was in my third trimester with Claire, so I probably just assumed the heat was from the weather.  I am usually cold though, so having some extra warmth will be nice.

photo by Elena

I am doing good on my weight gain, I haven’t gone overboard like I did the first time.  I literally gained more than half my starting weight when I was pregnant with Claire, which resulted in horrible stretch marks and a long time to get back to my pre-baby weight after she was born.  At least it felt like a long time to me, I think it was about 9 months.  I was much younger then and I don’t remember having any of the aches and pains that I’ve experienced so far this time.  My hips are really painful at night when I am sleeping, I switch sides frequently throughout the night, along with my body pillow that is between my knees.  Our queen sized bed seems pretty small right now with all that going on.  And sitting at my desk during the day really takes a toll on my tailbone.  I guess I’m going to have to figure out a remedy for that since I’ve got about four months left of sitting at my desk, and it’s only going to worsen as I get bigger.

But really, those are my only negatives so far, I am doing great otherwise.  I feel good, I have the same amount of energy as before.  I LOVE food.  And I enjoy feeling him moving about, it lets me know that he’s happy and having fun.  Mark thinks he’s going to be an athlete since he’s so busy.  That would be okay with me, as long as it’s not football.  Haha…

Hope this blog entry finds everyone well.  I’m sorry for my absence, but I promise to start blogging again on a regular basis.


5 thoughts on “Baby Update: 21 weeks

  1. I would suggest going to see my Chiropractor, Dr. Michelle Gerbi at The Clearwater Clinic. I had terrible hip, lower back and tailbone pain with him starting at about 16-20 weeks. She fixed me up right as rain! I would also suggest sitting on an exercise ball…you look great and congrats!

  2. you look beautiful! and i’m pretty sure officially you aren’t required to apologize for not posting if you are pregnant. there is only so much time in a day and so much to eat. ha! xoxo

  3. I looked at this post the other day, but didn’t have time to comment. I’m glad to see you posting on the blog again! I can’t wait to see pictures once you get started on the nursery!

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