Baby Update: 27 weeks

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Today we had an ultrasound and got to see the little kicking machine up close and personal.  We decided to let the girls come to this appointment since Veda is out of school for Thanksgiving and we just made Claire go in late to school.  She said it was worth it.  We got to see him all folded up, with his hands AND his feet all up by his face.  And now I have a better idea of what part of him is pushing on me when he starts getting rambunctious.  In fact, he proved that he was a wiggle worm by spending the entire hour he was on screen moving all around.  The technician kept remarking that we had a beautiful baby and that he was a mover!  The purpose of this ultrasound was to check on a condition called placenta previa that they had initially diagnosed me with at the first ultrasound at 18 weeks.  Fortunately, even though my placenta is not ideally where it should be, it’s still a bit low, the doctor that looked at our images today stated that there is no reason why I cannot have a natural childbirth.  this is great news!  We had previously been given the news that we were potentially looking at another c-section.  I had really set my heart on doing the actual “I’m going into labor” routine this time around, you know when my water breaks and I say “honey, I think this is it!” and Mark scrambles around trying to get everything in order so we can head for the hospital, while I practice breathing techniques and handle the contractions like a pro.  Haha.. that’s what I envision anyway… we’ll see how it actually goes!

Here are some 3-D pictures of our little football player… we even caught him yawning!

top picture, yawning... bottom picture, just being adorable...

He is a big baby weighing in at 2 pounds, 14 ounces already… which is a bit bigger than they’d like him to be but I have a feeling it might have something to do with my very sugary eating habits.  I tested high on my glucose test on Friday so I have to go back in on Wednesday morning and test again to see if I have gestational diabetes.  That will be a serious bummer, but if it turns out that I have it then perhaps it will be a blessing in disguise.  I do eat a lot of sugary foods, I suffer from a very severe case of chronic sweet tooth and I could use this time to train myself to eat better and not want desserts so badly.  I’ll make lemon out of lemonades, as long as it’s sugar-free!

I hope you have had a great Monday and are buttoning down the hatches for some cold weather.  They keep saying snow is on the way, but I will believe it when I see it.  I still remember last year how often they threatened snow and we’d wake up the next morning to absolutely nothing.


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