New pics of the nephew!

Our sister-in-law Yolanda sent some recent photos of JD, the most handsome little nephew ever!  He turned two in September and he is so tall!  He just looks big in all of his pictures, and he’s so stinking cute with that blonde hair.  I see a lot of his Daddy in him in these recent shots.  But he defnitely has his Mom’s beautiful eyelashes!

We miss you and love you JD & Yolanda!!

She said she made him this corndog because she tries to feed him foods his Daddy liked to eat...
..and judging by this face, I'd say he likes it!

So handsome! I hope our baby boy is at least half as cute!


1 thought on “New pics of the nephew!

  1. Thanks for the comments! I havent idea that you put the JD´s pics in your blog. Betty told me about it. I saw the girls´pics making the turkey and they look that they had fun a lot making it, very cute pics!!

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