Thanksgiving – Wilson style

This weekend we went over the river and through the woods, well kind of… It’s actually more like through the gorge and over hills but regardless we headed east to Papa Ron & Marta’s (my Dad and stepmom) house this weekend for an early Thanksgiving feast.  It was a beautiful day on Saturday, blue skies and although the temperatures were cold it was still fun to get outside and enjoy what the ranch has to offer us city folks.  We drove over to visit Great Grandma Brooks and meet her little dog Bebay, I wish I would’ve taken pictures while I was there but I didn’t think about it.  I’m losing my touch I think.  While we were there, we looked through her wedding album that she has that contains all the weddings of her children (my Mom and her siblings) and it was fun to see the dresses and hear what memories my mother could recall of each event.  My parents looked like babies when they got married, even though they were 19 they looked more like 14.

As family arrived at Dad’s house on Saturday afternoon the house filled with screaching and laughing children.  And the wine made the ladies all giggly.  Everyone had questions about how my pregnancy was going so far.  And my Aunt Nancy shared her gorgeous wares, Bear Paw Partners while we all ooh’d and aww’d over the purses and bowls!  It was really awesome to have everyone in the same house for a few hours.  My brother and his family, my sister and her crew, my lovely gang and my Grandma Wilson.  Also my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Gerry and my darling parental units!  The feast was super yummy, with my favorites being the broccoli cheese casserole (instead of green bean casserole this year, which I say “yes!” we should do that from now on) and the turkey this year was especially tasty and moist.  It was just the most perfect Wilson Thanksgiving dinner yet!

Claire set the table...

...and Ethan helped her out.

I love you Grandma Wilson!

Looks like trouble! Dad and Uncle Gerry...

Dad and Marta doing some last minute food prep...

Claire cheeses out!

My big sis...

Grandma Trudie with her littles... Wyatt, Claire & Hunter

My beautiful mother!

Claire is seriously outnumbered by boy cousins.. but she loves keeping them entertained!

Group shot! Claire, Veda, Wyatt, Trudie, Nancy, Gerry, Dad, Grandma, Marta, Mandy, Hunter, Paul, Mark, Me, Andi, Tony, Ethan and Ebin

I like to have someone take a picture of me with my brother and sister when we are in the same house for a holiday…

This is very typical of my brother...

....there, that's much better! And wait... is that a... a smile?? oh my, I think it might be...

On Sunday we played outside with Coco the pony, and then Papa Ron took the kids on a Polaris ride down the road…

Andi, Tony, Ebin & Ethan

Claire with Bailey

The doggies get to share some butterscotch horse treats...yes, butterscotch...

Happy Charlie!

Mark and Veda, she rode Coco around quite a bit and even learned how to jump on and off by herself! (well she still needed a little boost from Papa to get on him, but it won't be long before she does it herself!)

Ethan took his first horse ride ever, and to quote him "this is AWESOME!"...

I LOVE this man!!

This is Bob!

And then it was time for a ride on Papa's Polaris! Brrrr!

And of course Claire was also taking pictures, so here are a few from her camera that are too stinking cute!

kids in a tree! They set up the self timer for these... I love that they are all smiling or acting silly - this captures each of their personalities so well.


We hope you have a wonderful holiday week!  We have several yummy dinners planned this week, including spending Thursday with Mark’s parents.  We are excited to see Uncle Jay and Aunt Rachel who are in town visiting from Georgia!

Travel safe if you are going out of town for the holidays and remember to give thanks to those you love – I know I am sincerely blessed in my life with wonderful family and friends and for this, I am very VERY very thankful.


  • Kira says:

    It sounds like a really fun family gathering. I can’t wait for thanksgiving. I love the girls’ boots too, so cute!

  • Aunt Nancy says:

    Saturday was such a wonderful time and we felt so special to be included! The squeels and laughter were priceless and Claire is such a good sport to entertain all of the younger ones! Love your blog and the pics! Happy Holidays!

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