29 weeks & a Baby Shower!

Yesterday I was treated to a very special gathering of all the lovely ladies in my life to celebrate the upcoming little person currently being created in my belly!  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I could not have asked for more beautiful friends to host it for me, so a very special thank you to Brandee, Julie, Sascha & Constance!

It was really great to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family members, most of whom are Mom’s themselves and know that this time around I will be never far away from a “life line” should I have any questions or concerns.  They are all full of wisdom and kindness, it really doesn’t get any better than that.  I mean, seriously, if I have a question about breastfeeding (which I’m sure that I will) all I have to do is call one of them up and I know that they will have the sound advice I will need to be successful.  Or if I am nervous at all about having a natural delivery (which I didn’t have the choice of the first time around unfortunately), or what cream to use if he gets a bad rash, or what to do if my breast pump isn’t working right, the list goes on and on.  And it feels so good knowing that these wonderful people in my life will be there for us, every step of the way!   It’s been awhile since Mark and I did the baby thing, so it will be an adventure for sure!

Julie graciously hosted the party at her lovely home in Vancouver, it was the perfect setting! And Evan entertained all the ladies, melting their hearts one by one with his adorable sweater!

Sweet Matilda!
Oh beautiful baby Anika! Clearly, our little boy will have lots of girlies to flirt with!
My Mom and Stepmom
The girls painted their baby brother's name on their fingernails.
Here are all those beautiful ladies I was speaking about!
My sweet sister!
Cheers from cousin Molly!
We played the game where you guess how far it is around my belly using string...
I love these chicks! Ali, Kristi & Leah
My buddy Kira! She was cleaning up in the prize department with the games...
The lovely Morgan and sweet Matilda again!
My bestest friend Brandee!

Brandee  had the fun task of writing down who gifted us with what, and reading it later I was laughing at her additional notes.  Such as:

Mom – she’d like to have a quilt that is forest theme, you know, the next time you need a project!

Here is the quilt my Mom made, it's absolutely perfect! I can't wait to finish sewing up the crib bumpers and sheets so I can put this in his bed!

Sascha – that amazing knit cocoon that you made for me, yes Brandee would like me to re-gift it to her WHICH ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.  But when she decides to have another baby, you can bet I’ll be ordering her up one!  I wish I would’ve gotten pictures of it, but I didn’t.   Although you’ll be seeing it when my friend Elena takes the newborn photos when Enzo is a week old.  It’s definitely going to be used in those!

Leah got us this adorable little elephant, and I'm pretty sure I'll be snuggling with him often over the next couple months. you know, I'll get him all broke in for Enzo...
..And he was a good model for the onesies as well!
Mom-in-law Betty made him this beautiful crochet quilt, I love the colors and the pattern! It will look beautiful in the nursery!
Our friend Sara gifted us with a little tee shirt in a bag that said "Mysterio predicts your baby's future, pull the string and find out!" It was pretty great, we all got a good laugh out of the "Conspiracy Nut" prediction..
Curious George from cousin George, haha!
Veda trying on a baby hat! It's a little small...
And the girls got some fun stuff too! Peggy got them these adorable Santa themed socks, which I will be getting a pair for myself as well because they are super cute sticking out of the top of boots!
Me and the Mom's! (Oh wait, Claire just corrected me, they are the GRANDMA'S...)

I can’t believe we only have 10 weeks and 3 days left until the due date.  I’m feeling good and getting ready for the holidays.  We went and got our Christmas tree today, I will have a post on that fun soon, don’t worry!  We are planning to host Christmas Eve this year at our house for my side of the family, so we are thinking of creative ways to put 15+ people in our cozy little house.   The girls are looking forward to holiday break and getting to reap the benefits of being a kid at Christmas time.  Claire is busy with volleyball and Veda is busy with ballet.  We have some holiday parties in the next couple weeks to look forward to.  It’s a busy time of year!

Do you have big plans for tho holidays?  Have you already gotten your Christmas tree?


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