Go Fire!

Claire is playing club volleyball this winter/spring for PDX-VB on the 12 & under team “Fire”. She is really excited about volleyball and shows a lot of potential at being as talented as her Aunt Justine who plays for Clark Community College in Vancouver. Justine has played volleyball since she was Claire’s age, starting club ball at 12 and playing pretty much all year long. It paid off, as Justine is super skilled at the sport. And Claire has watched her play since she was about three, and is definitely inspired by her. So it was fitting that this weekend at Claire’s first tournament with her club team, we were at the same venue that we watched Justine play when she was Claire’s age. Of course, Claire was only three then so she doesn’t remember it. And from what I remember she got bored rather quickly, but she was a toddler, what do you expect?

Her team is made up of 10-12 year olds and includes one boy. They did really good, considering they are young and eager to learn but still very new to their positions and rotating. They played a total of three games and one the last one. But I think the fun they had was worth every minute I sat on those hard metal bleachers. I did take a padded seat thing, but I think next time I will take a blanket to fold up and sit on. The added weight I have right now takes it’s toll when sitting for long periods of time. It’s no bueno.

Anyway, I took a few pictures, and I apologize for the blurryness of them. I’m still trying to perfect the art of the action shot inside a gym. Her next tournament is in January so hopefully I can get it figured out by then! Or maybe have a new lens to paly with? Christmas is coming, after all…

Her position is "setter" and hopefully soon she'll get more comfortable with actually setting the ball instead of doing a bump set. It's easier said than done!

This is her doing an overhand serve, which is new since she started playing club. She was determined to get this down during her school season, but never quite got it. Look at her now!

High fives with her teammates after their win!

Hope you all have a great start to the week!


4 thoughts on “Go Fire!

  1. Does her league not provide uniforms or at least t-shirts? My goodness, you pay enough for club volleyball, that should be included! When I played club as a kid we got two t-shirts, shorts, a sweatshirt, and sweats all included. Those were the good ol’ days I guess…ha.

    Anyway, Claire’s serving form looks fantastic!

  2. yes, they’ll get all that stuff but it hasn’t come yet. their season doesn’t actually start until january, so hopefully by the first tournament on the 8th they’ll have their matching gear. for this tournament they just had to wear dark t-shirts to match. i couldn’t believe it when Claire wanted to wear my twilight shirt! i mean, it certainly doesn’t fit me right now, but it’s definitely not her style. especially since she prefers Jacob! haha…

  3. It so much fun to watch Claire with her team. She has a great time. It was also cool that her Aunt Justine and Grandma Cindy came to watch her play. Go Fire!

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