Happy 40th Anniversary!

Today is a very special day indeed!   This day marks the 40th wedding anniversary of one of the most kind, loving and supportive couples I have ever known!

Happy Anniversary Bill & Betty!!!

We love you!


As your daughter in law, I would like to personally thank you for not only creating the man of my dreams, but also being the best people I could ever hope to call my in-laws.  Your never-ending thoughtfulness and love is just so special to me and my family and I love you both so much.  I hope that you have a wonderful day today and celebrate your marriage and all that you have given to this world.  You are loved by so many, and I am proud to call you my family.  And yes, thank you for giving me the love of my life, who has all the goodness and honesty that you brought him up with and is every day paying it forward.



2 thoughts on “Happy 40th Anniversary!

  1. Yes, they are THAT fabulous. You have chosen your words well, Melissa. Happy Anniversay Aunt Betty and Uncle Bill!!!!!! We love you so much!!!! – the Tennessee Settles’

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