Babies and booties! Oh my!

My dear friend Alison is an Auntie!  Her sister had a baby boy last Friday, and I just had to share this picture of him…


Anders Evershed

7 lb. 6 oz.

Born December 31st at 7:05pm

Congratulations Auntie Ali!  He’s absolutely beautiful!!

(can you believe in less than 6 weeks we will have one of those of our very own!!!)


And speaking of babies… I have been a crocheting fool these last few months, making pairs of booties in different styles, trying out my knowledge of reading patterns and such.  It’s worked out perfectly because it seems that there’s an epidemic happening at work, we have around 15 pregnant women in our department (and several more in the building, other departments outside of mine).  So I’ve been able to make fun things for the baby showers.  Here is a pair of booties that I made for a sweet baby girl named Sloane Ella who was born on December 26th (same birthday as my stepmom Marta!)…

little pink hearts on the bottom

And here is a pair that I made for a co-worker who is due one week before me, with a boy as well…her baby shower is in a couple hours!

They are "ankle boots", aren't they adorable!

I hope to get several more made and then put them up on my etsy site.  I made Enzo a pair, of course, and had to defend them to Claire that they aren’t too “girly”.  She thinks of them as Ugg style boots and she says that boys don’t wear Uggs.  She’s right, boys don’t wear Uggs, but these are crocheted booties and they are for babies, and therefore – well, regardless of my defense, Enzo will be donning a pair not very long from now!

Check back soon for a 34 week photo update!



3 thoughts on “Babies and booties! Oh my!

  1. Melissa, the little boots are pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen! I can’t wait to see little Enzo in a pair of them!

  2. I tried to make an adult pair but they were so bulbus (is that a word?) and ugly! I will try again, don’t worry… I’d like a pair for myself and would love to make you some as well!

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