Baby Update: 34 weeks!


Things to do before Enzo arrives:

•   Sew crib bumper pads

•  Take tour of hospital family birth center (we want to know exactly what door to enter so there is no need for getting directions on “the day”)

•  Purchase necessities like nursing pads, a nursing bra, newborn size disposable diapers (for that first week)

•  Pack hospital bag

•  Do closet makeover in nursery

•  Read up on the Bradley Method of childbirth

•  Get a pedicure at Zenana Spa with my gift card from my beautiful friend Julie

•  Think of a special gift to give the girls for being “big sisters”  (any ideas???)

The time is going by fast now that we are in our last trimester.  It felt like the first two took sooooooooo long and now this one is just zipping by!  Enzo is super active and although they claim he will slow down in the last month as he runs out of room to maneuver in there, somehow I don’t think that’s his plan.  He just pushes and kicks even stronger.

I go through moments of nervousness and readiness.  I am ready for him to be here, but nervous about the unknown of delivery and how that all will go.  With Claire it was very “virgo” of me, I had an appointment on a Sunday morning to go in and be induced two days before her due date (my doctor was leaving town and I was set on him delivering her).  So there was no excitement of “Oh! My water broke!” and counting the time between contractions and all that jazz.  And Claire’s delivery was not a smooth one, ending in a c-section.  This time I envision it being so much different.  More exciting and spontaneous, but calm at the same time.  I am looking forward to the full support and encouragement of my husband.  And sharing the joy with all of our friends and family when Enzo finally arrives!

And of course, daily blog posts about baby!!!!   Wooot woot!

Less than 42 days until his due date… ah yeah…


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