Baby Update: 37 weeks! Woop woop!

37 weeks or 260 Days

Wow.  It’s hard to believe we have less than 3 weeks until our proposed due date, but that my friends is reality.  We are super ready and anxious to meet the little guy face to face, and start enjoying his snuggly softness and yummy new baby smells.  I’m pretty sure he won’t go without being held for long in our house, with the girls and all of our family being so close.  He’ll probably have people waiting in line to kiss his little cheeks!

I’m feeling great (no, really!) and feel very prepared for his arrival which technically could happen at any time.  The only complaint I have right now is the waiting, I’ve never been very good at that.  I’m an instant gratification type person and when I want something, well, I want it RIGHT NOW.  And this is no different.  (Do you hear that Enzo? Anytime would be great, sooner the better!).  The nursery is set up, the bags are packed (his is completely, mine is for the most part except for last minute little things).  I’ve made some music playlists for when we are laboring in the hospital, or for while I’m home in the early stages.   I have a pedicure scheduled for this Saturday at Zenana Spa & Wellness Center, finally going to use a gift card from my beautiful friend Julie.  And Claire has a volleyball tournament on Sunday in Springfield.  Don’t worry, I’ve enlisted my sister to go along with me (Thanks Sis!) so that if something should happen, like you know, maybe some contractions start? then she can safely drive us back to town.  It will be a fun girls day out!  See, all of these things which could be totally de-railed if he should happen to make an appearance in the next couple days.  As I told the girls at work, I think I’m trying to sabotage myself.  I’ll let you know if it works!


We did a few more decorating touches to the nursery this week – including hanging the bamboo mobile from my Aunt Sherrie.  It’s super adorable!


And I put together a little name pennant to hang on his wall above the crib:


And our jungle cards that I ordered arrived in the mail!  They are even cuter in person!  I can’t wait to order other themes as he gets bigger!

(Giraffe print is a gift from Mark's co-workers, will get that hung up this weekend!)

I’m going to try my hand at making cloth diapers on Saturday.   I already have the patterns I need and I’m sure my fabric collection will have what I need for this purpose.  I just want to have some newborn sized ones to begin with, before we start our Tidee Didee Diaper Service up.  And I imagine he’s going to be long and skinny so he’ll need a tiny little diaper for his tiny little bum!   (See, just one more thing to do that could potentially get sabotaged by his sudden arrival! haha)

The big day is coming soon!  Claire is predicting he’ll arrive on the 3rd, and my Mom is feeling the 12th will be his day.  What do you think?  We’ll let you know when things start to happen!


5 thoughts on “Baby Update: 37 weeks! Woop woop!

  1. You should bring the little diapers you make to work on Monday so I can see how cute and tiny they are.

    Good luck to Claire this weekend!

  2. You are a brave woman making your own diapers and washing them…ewwww!! My vote for the birthday would be the 14th but because I can’t wait that long I think he will come…the 2nd, then his birthday will be really cool, 2/2/11! If I am right can I have three hours of uninterrupted snuggle time?

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