I think the experts call it “nesting”…

I could start this post by telling you that I have had a very productive weekend, but honestly that just would not do it justice.  I made up for all the other weekends when I just sat on the couch and thought about all the things I wanted to get done  before baby comes.  It started with cleaning the house, including scrubbing out the shower and bathtub.  Mark took Veda to ballet on Saturday morning and when he got home he found me in the shower, scrubbing away, he says “babe, I can do that!” and I replied “no, this is good for me, they call it “nesting”.  And he really couldn’t argue with that.  I had a long list of to-do’s, and as we get closer to our due date they were starting to feel like “to-do-right-now-or-never’s” and I feel so accomplished right now as I type this post!  Here are some things I did:

•  Sew Crib bumpers and crib sheet


• Closet make-over (Mark removed the door and installed the shelves that I bought from Ikea.)


• Make some homemade cinnamon rolls for the Seahawks vs. Bears game on Sunday morning!  Yum!

This was my best batch yet!

• Organize nursery and clear out things to actually make room for baby.

Enzo's bag is packed for the hospital, rug purchased from Ikea, our baby pictures hung, it's starting to come together!
I love how the blankets made by the Grandma's look against the crib colors!

•  Maternity photo shoot with my super awesome  and supremely talented friend Elena.  This was the most fun!  I don’t know how this girl has so many talents, but there really isn’t anything she can’t do (did I mention she also makes beautiful jewelry!).  She came over Sunday afternoon and we took advantage of a very short window of time outside when it wasn’t raining to get a few shots.  And then she took a couple more inside.  It was really fun and I am so in love with the “sneak peak” she just sent me!  I get to see the rest of the package tomorrow and then I plan to frame them and put them up on the nursery wall.  Here’s that “sneak peak” I was talking about…


Oh how I love the editing process!  Look, no stretch marks!  Haha… thanks Elena, you are the best.  These are so incredibly beautiful and I can’t wait to see the rest!

• Pack my hospital bag.

Well, this is the one that I have not completed, but I started packing so that’s something.

It’s been a great weekend and I am feeling more prepared now, so if the little guy decides to come early, well then, go for it!  We’re anxious to have him here.  I hope that those of you who had today off are enjoying your day.  I was going to try and do a little work but photoshop isn’t cooperating, so instead I will keep working on nursery projects.  The next thing I want to make is a name penant to hang above his crib on the wall and also build the bamboo mobile that my Aunt Sherrie gifted us.  Craft on!


7 thoughts on “I think the experts call it “nesting”…

  1. The basketball photo turned out really great! I’m excited to see the rest of your photos. Also, the nursery and those cinnamon rolls both look amazing as well. Great work!

  2. Aww… Thank you so much Melissa for the kind words! You are so much fun to shoot 🙂 And your belly is gorgeous as well I’m sure is the little guy inside! I can’t wait to meet him and take his pictures! And your nursery looks amazing! You are extremely talented as well 🙂 And I just can’t say it enough… the cinnamon rolls were delicious! I thought about them all morning!

  3. Wow! You are really going at it, Supermom! Time must be close! All of your pictures are so amazing and I am definitely in love your little booties you are making! So cute! Can’t wait for your little Enzo to come into the world. Wondering if he is going to wait until we get back from Hawaii? Take care! Love, Nancy

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