Our crafty Saturday afternoon! And why my sister is the BEST!

So this will be a two part post about our weekend, I guess I could do two separate but I’m in here now so I may as well just write it all out!

Our crafty Saturday!

Saturday was a big day of crafting in our house and it was so incredibly fun! I had started the day with the goal of making some cloth diaper covers and helping the girls create some fun dolls for our little friend Matilda who was turning one the next day. But first! (hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do) I had to go get a pedicure at the Zenana Spa. It was great, my feet are super soft and my toes are a pretty purple color with sparkling rhinestones. So then I stopped by Joann’s Fabrics and picked up some poly fill for the dolls, and some other fun valentine wood crafts to paint. So I didn’t get back home until about 2pm, and then we had a quick lunch before getting started on our crafts. The girls were excited, and went right to picking out fabrics for their dolls dresses, tights and hair. They are so creative, I really only have to give them minimal direction and they just take off with a million ideas, as I try to accommodate with my supplies on hand. I found the doll pattern and tutorial here. And here is how they turned out….

Claire's doll parts...

Veda's doll parts...

Veda stuffing her doll with poly-fill...

The finished product!

Aren't they all so cute!

The girls were the creative genius behind it all, I was merely there to run the sewing machine. I love how they turned out! And I can’t wait to make some more for our other little baby girl friends! Veda is also planning to make one for Enzo and Claire has plans to make one for her baby sister who should be coming any day now! Unfortunately all that doll making took up the afternoon, and my energy, so I did not get any diapers sewn yet. But I’ve still got some time! He isn’t coming today anyway! : )


Why my sister is the BEST sister in the world!

Andi and yes, that's me in all my chunky baby glory - 1977

The second part of this post is about our very long Sunday! Claire and I left the house at 5:30am yesterday, stopped for some coffee and muffins and then picked up my sister to head south to Springfield for a volleyball tournament. We arrived home last night at 8:30pm. Yes, that is a 15 hour day of volleyball action, and as exhausting as it was for all of us (especially Claire who played a total of 7 games), it was still a really fun day! I asked my sister to accompany me, should anything happen regarding my impending labor, knowing that it was totally going to be the longest day of her life. If you can imagine, sitting on metal bleachers, going from one volleyball court to another, listening to the sound of whistles, balls and cheering people while 6 games of volleyball are being played at once in a large gym, for 10 hours straight. That’s a lot to ask of anyone who isn’t financially invested in it for their own child.

And she did not complain about anything, not once. Thank you for being such a trooper Andi!! I love you!

At the end of the day I started to wonder if the noise was harmful to Enzo and even googled it on my iPhone. It’s not. He’s pretty protected in there with all that fluid he’s swimming around in. But he does get pretty wiggly with all the noise going on, so I know he can at least hear something fun is happening. And that means he didn’t rest very much at all. He made up for it, and we both got a really good nights sleep last night. Just think, pretty soon he’ll be hearing all of that on the outside!

Claire’s team did really well, they finished 2nd in their seed and were playing kids older than they are. They have half of their team who are 12 and old enough to be playing with 13 & 14 year olds, so because of that we are playing against these older teams. But the other half of their team are 10 & 11, so you can imagine the difference when we get on the court. But these kids are amazing, and they handle the pressure like pros. We have another tournament in a couple weeks, I wonder if Enzo will be here by then?


Hope you all had an amazing weekend!


4 thoughts on “Our crafty Saturday afternoon! And why my sister is the BEST!

  1. You totally should! It was so much fun, and I want to make a dozen more! Just think about how many possibilities there are for hairstyles, and outfits and accessories, and oh my!

  2. the dolls turned out super cute!!!
    and you’re welcome for the company sunday!! it was so nice to spend the day with you girls! i am referring to it as my massive(possibly good for life) dose of birth control. lol! between the decibal level of the day and being surrounded by screaming preteens and the constant child birth stories… i am good. good i tell ya. i will stick to being an auntie/stepmom. :o) teehee
    I LOVE YOU!!

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