Showers in the forecast…

Despite all the rain we’ve been getting lately, this post is actually about a way more fun type of shower – Baby Showers!

Yesterday, my wonderful friends who I happen to be lucky enough to work with, threw us a baby shower.  Karen truly outdid herself with the super delicious double layer (chocolate and white!) cake with tons (tons!!) of frosting.  And also the sweetest, most crafty and beautiful banner that she asked her Mom to make for us, which we will be putting up in our hospital room and then hang in his nursery!  Thanks Gina & Karen!  You girls are the best!



Don’t worry, you’ll get better shots of the banner when it’s in the photos taken at the hospital, I think it will make the perfect backdrop!

And today, Mark’s co-workers are throwing us a shower up on the hill that is also a Tex-mex themed potluck!  I am excited to meet more of the people he works with and put some faces to names.  They are so sweet to do this for us.

I hope you are enjoying a great Friday, even if it’s pouring outside like it is here.  They promise sunny and dry weather soon, let’s hope they are right!


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