Happy Birthday Veda Rose!

Today is Veda’s 10th Birthday, it’s a very special one you know – double digits!  We celebrated on Sunday because it’s her Mom’s year to have her on the actual day.  She and I made some cupcakes on Saturday, but she did all the decorating with the new “magical” frosting gun I got.  It’s pretty sweet, really you should get one if you do any sort of frosting of desserts.  It’s so much easier than dealing with frosting bags. (a lot less messy).  You can find it at Joann’s, Michael’s or probably places like Target or Fred Meyer.

We had friends and family over to celebrate, thank you to everyone who was able to make it!  I think Veda had a wonderful day!

Matilda loved the cupcake!

Happy Birthday Veda, we love you!!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Veda Rose!

  1. Yes, Happy 10th Birthday. You are growing so fast. It seems like only yesterday you were floating around in the birthing pool. Aunt Amy came running out and said “we have a little boy” Well, a little mix up there. When everything settled down we discovered our sweet Veda had arrived. We Love You.

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