Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are in full celebration of Valentine’s Day this year.  The girls made some paper hearts and we hung them from the  ceiling.  I also made a felt heart garland that I found online here.  I don’t have a picture of it strung up above the dining area, but here is a picture taken during the process.


Veda brought home her list of classmates to give Valentine’s cards to, and she decided to craft her own instead of use store-bought ones this year (great choice!).  Mark found a few ideas online and got her creative juices flowing.  And then she got crafty!

Matchboxes, covered in paper with the matches inside replaced with...

...candy hearts and a special message...

...love this!

And if you are a friend on facebook you’ll know that I was crafting up something very special for the girls for Valentine’s Day, but also with a nod to the fact that they are about to have a little brother in the house.  And we decided to give them their gift tonight instead of waiting until morning, just in case he decided to make his appearance in the  middle of the night (wishful thinking…).  I think they were pretty happy with the gifts!

Handmade felt pillows!


You know, just a little something they can take off to college with them in a few years, to remember home by… hehe…

We hope you are surrounded by love and happiness tomorrow on the Holiday of Love… I’m still hoping I will have a baby for Valentine’s Day… cross your fingers!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. There’s nothing sweeter I suppose then two wonderful Granddaughters that are willing to pose behind the hearts that make them special. We care for you both it’s plain to see. Add a brother and we will Love all three. Written by a Grandfather with time on his hands.

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