Whistle while we wait…

Nothing new happening on the baby front today, as of right this minute anyway… we are officially 38 weeks pregnant today. Enzo seems quite content to keep cooking a bit longer, which is fine.. I guess. Uh oh, see the impatience is starting to creep in..

So what better way to entertain my anxious brain than to share some adorable baby photos of … us!

Well, we can clearly deduce from these photos that our boy will not shy away from eating… and will have some serious chipmunk cheeks… and not a whole lot of hair for the first year!

My mother-in-law sent home a bag of baby clothes with us the other day, all originally belonging to Mark! That would make them “vintage”.. (sorry babe, had to say it!). I can’t wait to put them on Enzo when he fits them!

Hope you are having a great week!

2 thoughts on “Whistle while we wait…

  1. Enzo will surely be a handsome little tyke with these two as his parents. Can’t wait to hold him in my arms. Love you guys!

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