Spring Break 2011


This year we did something we’ve never done before.  We allowed the girls to each take a friend with them on our Spring Break vacation.  They were thrilled, of course.  We figured that would be more fun for them than watching us fuss over their one month old brother the whole time.  And I believe it was a correct assumption, because they entertained themselves for the most part.  We rented a house in Sunriver this year, with a hot tub (which I did get to enjoy a few times, while Enzo was napping).  The rental also allowed us access to Mavericks, the fitness center in town, where the girls enjoyed swimming and climbing the rock wall.  The weather was great, there was sunshine, some snow showers, it was a lot like home!  Although I did hear it was rainy and cloudy here all week, so we may have gotten the better deal there.

Our first evening there we all walked into the village for dinner.  It was pretty busy so we settled on the Village Bar & Grill, and then to Goodie’s candy store for dessert!  Yum!

Enjoying some root beer!

in the Village..

The second day we decided to let the girls go into the village by themselves, since it’s really a family oriented, safe area and we trust our children will behave themselves.  And also because we planned to leave a half hour after them and go ourselves, just to be nearby but also allowing them to feel independent.  We put the baby in the moby and headed out.  We found them shopping in the $12.99 store, picking out “Sunriver” labelled clothing.  Three of them ended up with matching sweatshirts, and two of them with matching sweats.  Veda picked out a pretty sweater and a bracelet.  Mark had given the girls each $20 to spend on whatever they wanted to for the week.  This was such a brilliant idea, not only did it give them the power of choosing what they spent their money on, it eliminated them asking us for things.  Enzo was ready to eat, and let out a pretty good yell as soon as we stepped in the door of the store.  I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of their faces at that moment, it was a mix of horror and embarassment.  Oh well, won’t be the last time I’m sure!  I decided to walk back to the house and so Mark was going to take the younger two ice skating, and the older two were going to shop some more and then head back on their own.  But Enzo wasn’t going to wait for me to make the 15 minute walk back, so I ducked into a little coffee shop instead and nursed him.  I felt bad that I didn’t have my purse on me, so I couldn’t make a purchase, but the salesgirl was really nice about it.  And like I said, the weather was great for us that day!  Sunny and cold!



On our third day we headed north to visit the High Desert Museum.  There were lots of exhibits, Veda enjoyed the one on Native Americans because she had just played the part of an Indian Chief, Tsagaglal (I probably spelled that wrong), in her school play.  There were snakes, scorpions, a Canada Lynx (who was so cute and I wanted to snuggle him!), and a bobcat.  But I think the exhibit that stole the show were the Butterflies!  They had a room set up with a net all around and inside was a variety of plants that attract butterflies, and of course, the winged creatures themselves!  All you had to do was stick out your hand and eventually the butterfly would land on you.  Or your shoulder, or your head, they weren’t picky.  It was really warm in there so Enzo and I didn’t stay long.  That’s one negative thing about the Moby wrap, we both get super warm.

Enzo and the butterfly!

A butterfly landed on Claire's head!

Veda with her butterfly friend!

It was a great trip and the girls had a lot of fun.  And it wasn’t too much extra work having the two extra children along.   They were really great!  Enzo did wonderful on the long drive both there and back.  He sleeps good in the car, which is awesome.  I think he was happy to be home though because night’s were a little harder while we were away, he wasn’t sleeping for very long stretches.  He’s back to a nice 4-5 hour chunk now.  Which feels like heaven to me!

I hope you had a great week, did you go somewhere for Spring Break?


P.S. A very special thank you to my wonderful mother, who thoughtfully gifted us with a rental car (Dodge Caravan) that fit all of us in it – so we didn’t have to take two vehicles!!  It really was a lifesaver!

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