Enzo – 6 weeks!

Our sweet little boy had his 6 week wellness visit with Dr. Jenny today.  And I am super happy to report that everything looks great and he’s as fit as a fiddle!  He now weighs in at 12 pounds, so he is gaining more than an ounce a day (which is what Jenny had predicted he would be doing in the coming months).  And he has grown another inch and a half!  I am also happy to say that he did not have to receive any vaccinations at his visit today, which was something I was not looking forward to at all.  We are starting his vaccines at 6 months, since he is at low risk for everything that babies get vaccinated for in the first place (since I am breastfeeding and he is not in a daycare situation or around small children all day).  We are so happy with Dr. Jenny as our pediatrician and Enzo is too!

Oh, and he found his thumb yesterday, which was pretty stinking cute!



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