Little bunny foo foo!

We hope you all had a great Easter holiday!  Wasn’t the weather on Saturday AWESOME?!  We were two hours east of home at my Dad’s house, and it was so warm and sunny that the girls decided they should sunbathe.  Because let’s face it, it may as well have been 90 degrees to us after dealing with such cold temperatures so  far this spring.


It’s such a great place to get away to, they have horses for the kids to ride…

Veda gives Ruby some love nuzzles

Veda riding Coco

and tons of room for the dogs to run and play…

Wet doggies from the morning rain on Sunday...

Claire and Bob

and beautiful vegetation to enjoy (and photograph, thanks Claire!)…

pretty tulips!

And of course, my favorite part, Papa Ron!

Papa playing with Enzo's cute little baby hair

On Saturday, the kids enjoyed decorating easter eggs…

Ebin and Andi

Veda sponge painting her egg

Aren't they vibrant!

And then on Sunday, they hunted them!

All of Papa's grandkids!

Is this follow the leader?


Veda in a bush!

My little bunny foo foo, so cute!

It was a wonderful weekend filled with great food (thanks Marta!!), Easter fun and games, and lots of family.  Here are more pictures to share…

cousins Claire and Wyatt

our holiday siblings picture, surprisingly Paul didn't do anything rude this time! I guess he's getting soft in his old age.

Great Grandma Wilson and Enzo

Enzo sporting a tie for the holiday!

Wyatt and his new puppy, Kanga

My brother Paul and his beautiful boys!



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