Enzo – 3 months!

3 months

Our little chubbikins turned 3 months old today!  It’s so much fun to watch him grow and learn every day.  I am so thankful that I have been able to be with him every moment so far.  I am not at all excited about returning to work in a month but knowing that our family will be helping with the childcare for the summer makes it a little easier.

He is full of smiles these days and has discovered that he controls his hands.  He practices this by putting them together in front of his face, intently watching himself do so to the point where his eyes almost go crossed.  Then he brings them to his mouth.  He loves to suck on his fingers. and even though that thumb is still too little to be singled out from the rest easily, he is very persistent so I am sure he’ll be a thumbsucker before too long.  He loves to talk and make noises.  He is very vocal with his Daddy when he is playing guitar and singing for him.  He is still a morning boy, very chatty and happy when he gets his diaper changed first thing.  He still loves his changing table, he is so content to just lay there and look at all the fun stuff hanging on the wall for him to enjoy.  If all else fails and he’s having a little mini meltdown, this usually does the trick.  Or nurse him, which I’m the only one that can do that so it appears that he’s a mama’s boy.  <3


We love you Enzo!  Keep growing big and strong!


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