Last batter!


Yesterday we took a road trip up the gorge to see my nephew play some T-ball.  My Mom was nice enough to drive (thanks Mom!).  We picked up Claire from school and hit the road.  My sister sat in the back with Enzo and I so she could stare at her sweet nephew the entire trip, and they did indeed do a lot of staring at each other.  It was pretty cute.  He was doing this hilarious thing where he’d open his eyes really wide every time we went under any sort of bridge, so underpasses and tunnels were a hoot.  Except of course when I tried to videotape it with my phone.  Then for some reason he didn’t do it, I think maybe because he was too focused on my phone in his face.

It was beautiful out but there was a chilly wind blowing, as always in that neck of the woods. But it was great to see everyone and it was fun to watch Wyatt play ball.  My brother is a coach (when his work schedule allows and he is not patrolling the streets of Morrow County, keeping them safe).  Like father, like son as I remember my own Dad as a little league coach when my brother played as a kid.  It’s fun to see history repeating itself.

Paul and Wyatt

The “game” only last an hour.  I use the quotation marks because it really was just fun for the kids, there were no rules just hit the ball and run to the bases, no outs or anything and everyone got to bat once.  When the last kid was up they would holler “Last batter!” and then everyone who was on the bases knew they could just run all the way to home because the inning was over.  It was pretty hilarious to see all the distractions happening on the field.  There were players discussing their equipment (taking their helmets off and on), testing their balance skills (twirling around in circles repeatedly) and perhaps showing some interest in the opposite sex (a girl named Alyssa who was on first base with Wyatt and proceeded to tug on his sweatshirt hood and then ordered him to stand a couple feet from the base, which he obediently did, this was when we realized this was a girl he might like).

Anyway, despite the chilly wind and the very short game, we were happy to make the trip and see him play.  It was also nice to see my Dad & Marta, and Paul & Mandy twice in two weeks!

Bundled up watching the game!

My littlest nephew, Hunter

Smile Paul!

Grandma Trudie and her grandkids (sans Veda)!

Who's on first?

Me and my Dad! <3

Wyatt excited about the after game snacks!


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