Summer fever!

I have been super productive this week, Mark asked me if I was nesting.  Pretty funny. But as a result of all my cleaning we have an organized laundry room and sewing room.  Really the sewing room is always the biggest mess to clean up and it’s somehow always my mess.  Claire has been crafty the past couple months though, so I can blame her for part of it.  Too bad I couldn’t get her to help me clean it, it’s hard enough just getting that kid to clean her bedroom.

Another thing we were productive with this week was the yard.  Since Mark broke his collarbone a couple of weeks ago he hasn’t been able to do many things around the house.  But he did fire up the lawn mower this week and the yard looks great!  And the great weather inspired me to do some weeding myself and survey the yard a bit for things we can do to pretty it up.  I took some shots on my phone camera so that I could have it to reference while at the nursery.  Enzo helped me…

He was thrilled, obviously!

Luckily, the students at Hudson’s Bay High School in Vancouver were having a plant sale to benefit their horticulture class.  So we scored some great vegies for the garden, plus a maple tree for $10 and some other small flowers.  Then we topped it off with a trip to Home Depot and got the things that we couldn’t get at the school sale, including plants for the hanging pots I bought last Spring and some beautiful flowering bushes for along the deck.  And of course, who can resist the flowers for the pots in the front like pansies and geraniums!  Claire went ahead and took some photos after our hard work this evening, so here are a few of the work in progress…




Our scary garden as it lives right now!

New fuchsias in the hanging pots!

This is outside the back door, I plan to put a plant shelf here or something like that. But I've been saying that since we moved in almost three years ago.

As you can see, we have a lot of work yet to do.  But the nice weather has just begun and hopefully it will stick around for awhile.  I would also like to find a cute little table and two chairs for the front side of the house, it gets quite a bit of shade in the afternoon/evening and would be perfect for sipping lemonade and reading a book.  I might need to start hitting yard sales on the weekend and try to find a vintage set.  I’m definitely picturing wrought iron.

Thank you to my Mom for spending the afternoon driving us around and then helping us make our yard beautiful.  I am always seeking her green thumb wisdom.  And my darling husband who made a yummy BBQ dinner for all of us ladies.  Thank goodness he can still cook with only one functioning arm!  Now he just needs to figure out how to change a diaper!

I hope you have a great weekend!  Here’s to sunshine!


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