This week’s crafts

Here are a few little crafts that I was working on this week…

happy hippo

I picked up a crochet pattern book from Michael’s for $5 that has a fun collection of stuffed animals. This was the first one I chose to make. He’s so cute! I need to go buy some “safety eyes”, these little tiny black beads that are used for all the animals faces, and he will be complete! He measures about 6 inches, perfect for little hands. Enzo met him and smiled, so I think that means he likes him (could have also been gas?).


This was the same doll that I helped the girls make in this post. I have decided to make some using crochet as hair and shoes, however I had started and not finished so many projects over the last couple weeks (still working on a crocheted cowboy hat, super determined to make it work), that I went the easy route and just used felt for the hair so she could be finished. I am too much of an “instant gratification” personality for things to take too long from start to finish. I walk away from a lot of projects half finished because of this. I am working on not doing that. It’s not easy! If you like this doll, you can make her too by getting the pattern from here.

They are great friends!

Happy crafting!


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