Enzo – 4 months!

4 months old

Our little boy is 4 months old already!  He is twice the size he was when he was born.  No sign of teeth yet but he is drooling like crazy and always has his fingers (or a toy) in his mouth.  So they are probably going to show up soon.  His hand-eye coordination is getting better each day. He is pretty good with taking out his pacifier but it’s still a little hard for him to return it there.  He loves loves loves to be kissed and we make sure to give him as many as we can!  He is starting to talk or coo for longer periods of time now.  Sometimes he’ll just sit there and chatter on, while we listen and try to talk back.  We’ve been able to enjoy a few parks with the weather being nice, and also sit in the backyard and admire the sad sad garden (not enough sunshine yet!!).

I returned to work last week, but on a transitional part-time schedule to start with.  I will be fully back into the five days a week in three weeks.  I am thankful that my employer allows me to do this, I know that having to start back with five days a week right off the bat would’ve been so hard for me.  It was nice last week knowing that I got to stay home every other day with him.  His Grandma’s Trudie and Betty did fabulous with him and are loving the time they get to snuggle him all day.  And I know he loves it too!  I am super grateful to them for helping us this summer.  We don’t have a daycare plan lined up after that, but we are working on it.

Here are some more fun photos from the last month:

Veda at her ballet recital, looking all grown up!
Trying out the highchair!
At Sunday Parkways this past weekend, it was a gorgeous day!
Enjoying our back yard
With Aunt Amy at the zoo!
look into my eeeeeeyes!

We hope you are enjoying the summer!



3 thoughts on “Enzo – 4 months!

  1. I came across your blog while searching for babies named “Enzo”. I am due with our first baby in 10 weeks and we love the name Enzo, but always get weird looks from people when they ask what we want to name our baby! I have an Italian family history and my husband’s background is German, so there’s no telling what our baby will look like. I wonder what kind of reaction you have received about his name??? I’m happy to have found such a cute baby with the name Enzo! Congrats to you and your family! 🙂

  2. Hi Christina!

    Thank you for reading my blog! We have had great reactions from our baby named Enzo. Usually people have to ask twice after we tell them, they’ll say “i’m sorry, what is it?” I guess that’s because it’s a name you don’t hear often. They have always responded with, “that’s a great name!” And I had never heard the name prior to my husband watching a show on Enzo Ferrari and deciding that he really liked it. It fits our boy perfectly and I love it! If he wasn’t going to be named Enzo, then I wanted to name him Cool but I just couldn’t talk my husband into it. Maybe the next one!

    I hope you have a great delivery, and you’ll stop back by our blog again!

    Take care!

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