Photos from the weekend…

I am actually sitting down to write a blog post.  Woah.  No seriously, this is a big deal these days, making the time to sit down and type a short entry into our blog.  It sounds so much easier than it is.  It’s not as quick and painless as you might think.  There’s the decision of what pictures to add (I love reading other peoples blog posts when there are pictures involved), writing down the thoughts or words to tell you whichever story I am choosing to tell.

It’s almost 11pm, the baby is asleep and I am not completely exhausted from the day, so I thought this was a good time to tell you about a couple fun things we did over the weekend.

Go KMA! Champions of the W O R L D!!

First off, the husbands soccer team played in the Championship game on Saturday and WON!  That’s right, they are the Champions Of The World, they are… just ask them.  It was a beautiful day, the rain held out for the most part.  I think the sun even came out for a few minutes.  There were covered bleachers at this one, so the weather wasn’t going to spoil our day anyway.

I love that we are all three making the strangest faces in this picture!

Then in the afternoon the kids and I went to our friends Dan & Leah’s baby shower!  It was hosted by their good friends who have a beautiful house in Sherwood.  They are expecting their first, a boy, in late August. He is due a day before my birthday so I am selfishly hoping he’s a day late!  They are the most amazing people and I am so excited for their baby to meet his awesome parents!!  And of course, Enzo and he will be BEST FRIENDS!  I made their baby a stuffed Giraffe toy, it turned out really cute!

Leah is so stinking cute!!

Then we went and enjoyed a nice BBQ dinner at Tony & Julie’s in the Couv.  It was really fun!  Their little boy Evan loves to hang out with our girls and since he’s the same age as their little brothers in their other households, they have lots of practice (and patience!).

On Sunday, Claire and I hung out with our friend Lacye who is getting married next month.  I am a bridesmaid and Claire is a junior bridesmaid, so we had some dress issues to discuss and some shoe shopping to assist with.  I ordered the coolest custom stamp for the bride and groom, and I’m pretty sure they thought it was as neat as I did!  Here was the picture I sent the girl:

Lacye & Riggs

And here is the stamp:

by Kozue on Etsy

Pretty sweet, right?!  Etsy is so awesome for custom craftsmanship.

And of course I did a lot of cheek smooching…

How could you resist him?

We hope you had a great weekend, too!


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